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Coronado is a plus-sized tyre that increases ground clearance, stability and momentum, and floatation. Its mild and open centre tread works with slightly more-aggressive side knobs for traction and efficiency in varied terrain. Coronado is an excellent choice for riders who venture onto the most rugged roads and trails.

  • Centre lugs feature a square-edge paddle design for maximum traction when pedalling and braking in loose terrain.
  • Transition lugs are tall and spaced out to shed loose debris; perpendicular sipping enhances traction when turning. 
  • Side lugs are large to dig in on turns and especially soft surfaces; a braking-shovel shape maintains control while braking in turns

When extra puncture protection isn’t necessary, our light and supple casing offers decreased weight and a comfortable, ultra-supple ride quality at lower pressures when set up tubeless.

This construction consists of a robust woven nylon composite reinforcement between the outer rubber and the inner casing within the tire’s sidewalls to prevent tearing and abrasions. Additionally, a tightly woven layer of protection under the treadcap defends against punctures.