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Whether your bike has a funky configuration or you just want a little-added security, we've got the right accessories to complete your SpareTime installation. Stretchy Chain straps ensure nothing is moving as you cruise down the road. Hook any funky-top-tubed bike to a the SpareTime rack with the TubeTop.
If you have a spare tyre on the rear of your vehicle and you want to transport up to 2 bikes, the SpareTime is your most premium bike carrier option. It attaches directly to your spare tyre's mounting bolts for a secure, snug fit, allowing you peace of mind while travelling down the road.
- The SpareTime bike carrier is quick and easy to install, with both centered and off-center mounting
- Universal mounting plate with extension fits most lug patterns
- Mounting knob is SKS-lockable to hub for added security
- Anti-sway cradles eliminate bike-to-bike contact
- Arms fold down when not in use
- Comes with two integrated bottle openers (perfect for double-fisting or sharing beverages with friends)
- Durable powder-coated steel construction
- Locking cable included
- 2-bike capacity
- Suitable for 5 or 6 stud pattern spare tyre mounts
Weight: 9.20 kg
Dimensions: L 45.7 cm x W 34.9 cm x H 77.5 cm
Capacity: 2 Bike Capacity
MAX. weight: 15.9 kg per bike